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Welcome to Dakini Magic

  Red Dakini

    Hello and welcome! I'm here to share my passion for the many mystical paths to enlightenment. My ethnic background is Celtic, Russian and Native American (Cherokee). At the tender age of 7, I began studying astrology, life on other worlds, life's mysteries. Reading tarot at age 16, astrology charts at 18, by 19, I was a reader in the world renowned French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was keenly aware of my life purpose early on; service to others. I founded 5 schools while running a private, Astrology/Tarot practice, & developed spiritual programs for children & families. One highlight of my career was working as a Director for Dr. John Gray who is the biggest selling relationship author of all time. I assisted John with a spiritual parenting book & related workshops which are taught worldwide.

  I now synthesize, in my magic pot, Astrology, Tarot, New Orleans Mojo, Curandeismo, Healing Work and Mars Venus Wisdom I gleaned from the 'horses mouth', as a Director for Dr. John Gray, making me an expert! Add certification in Rites of Passage, a big dash of Native American and Sacred Feminine Studies, 12 yrs of Tibetan Buddhist practice and private training in Feng Shui. I consider this a great honor in sharing in your lives as this is most sacred work.

  Whether it is regarding relationship, career, health, wealth, familial or personal issues, I am here to help! With over 30 years of experience in Psychic Reading, professional Astrological Chart Interpretation, Tarot Reading, Numerology, Feng Shui, Mars Venus Wisdom, my Buddhist practice
as the Red Dakini has led me here.

What is a Dakini?


    A Dakini is a feminine manifestation of the Buddha and literally translates as •sky-goer• or •skydancer• who moves through all dimensions, between the worlds. She is energy itself, a wisdom being who playfully urges men and women alike towards enlightenment. In the intellectual sense, she is wisdom that penetrates the nature of reality and distinguishes what is true and what is false. She dazzles us with her power and wakes us up from our habits hiding under the veil of the unconscious. Offering insight and healing in respect to the shadow of our psyche, she helps us break free and liberate ourselves with her grace and creativity. To the male, she is the Anima, that which awakens spirituality. To the female, she is the goddess, a mirror image of herself, untamed. The Dakini represents a completely integrated, full range of emotion and the transformational journey that potentially accompanies it. Negative emotions become luminously transformed into enlightened awareness with her powerful teachings. Skydancers bring a soulful life to sincere seekers and grant magical power in the worldly sense to those on a path to Truth. Through our bond with nature and our connectedness with all life, we can embody the consciousness connected to Source, and therefore, the magic of life.

  The Red Dakini is denoted as powerful, beautiful, wildly charming, magnetic and enticing. She has the ability to bring people what is desired, and solve problems associated to romance and worldly things. She brings blessings of love and compassion, abundance and wellness. She is the Dakini of Magic and Enchantments and has great powers of persuasion in subduing those forces that work against the good of humanity and spiritual life. The Red Dakini can bring under a devotee's power a forceful enemy, an employer, a politician or even law enforcement, as well as a wayward lover. She offers amulets, rituals, divination and cures. In Catholicism, it is common to light candles and pray for worldly matters, not just for salvation after death. In Western consciousness, this might appear extraordinary, but in the Buddhist perspective, this is natural and commonplace. The world of practicality and the world of spirit are one.


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